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From: Terry Townsend (Tue Oct 24 12:50:25 2006)
Cool, where the hell is this? Great composition and subject, but the light is too strong on the one side and draws attention away from the subject.

From: Marc (Tue Oct 24 12:52:30 2006)
Hey Terry, it's in Goshen. I found it several years ago and have always wanted to shoot it. It is really bright on the right but I kind of like that. But you make a good point to.

From: Marc (Tue Oct 24 12:55:27 2006)
Hey, in fact, take a look that the "photo properties" link in the upper right. On several of the photos I took my GPS along and the location is recoreded in the EXIF data and displayed there. If you want to know how, email me.

From: Terry (Tue Oct 24 12:57:10 2006)
what's you're im for the dark side?

From: Keith (Mon Oct 30 10:35:09 2006)
Interesting information in the EXIF file. Didn't see that until you talked about it. Problem with digital seems to be that you can't expose one way and then print another. Are you allowed to use processing of the file in your class?

From: Marc (Mon Oct 30 11:33:15 2006)
Actually, he is allowing us to post process but limiting us to what we could do with the camera itself, so adjusting the colors, white balance, contrast and cropping if we want.

From: Derek (Thu Nov 2 09:05:53 2006)
My favorite part of the photo? The "This Sale" counter which never imagined a tank of gas costing more than $9.99!! You gotta love that.

From: pxaxmtgei (Wed Feb 8 16:21:46 2012)
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